Sunday, May 23, 2010


Since Joshua was still feeling good, we decided that this weekend was the perfect opportunity to go and visit cousin Matt, his wife Amanda and their two kids Kasity and Parker. Joshua said, "I know Kasity can't wait to see me!" He just adores her, all the kids do. The last time we saw them was before the baby was born, so they were excited to go visit. Baby Parker is 2 months old now and everyone agrees he is the most adorable. We were glad to have had the chance to visit.

It's nice to have a little normalcy and not have to think too much about Joshua's illness when we're not in the hospital. Except for having to give him his shot Saturday night, Joshua had a lot of fun. We ate brunch together at the Aquarius buffet, which was very delicious, and Joshua ate like a little piglet. After brunch we went for a walk by the river, then we hung out at Matt's house the rest of the afternoon. On the way home there was a some sort of accident, on the section of road that was two lanes, of course, so we had to park for almost an hour. We never did see what happened, but we finally made it home safe and sound.


  1. Matt's kids are cute! Love the curls.

  2. Thank you again for coming. We loved seeing all of you. We are so glad you all had fun. I hope and pray this will all be over soon and you can come back. We love you.