Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tues & Wed

Based on the time we checked in Monday night, Joshua is receiving his chemo during the night starting around 3am and will get it for 5 consecutive days. He's receiving 2 different chemo meds one after the other and then some mdes to counter side effects and nausea. He doesn't seem to have any nausea so far, which is good. Tuesday his mood was all over the board but he was cranky a good portion of the day. The doctor said that being irritable is one of the side effects, unfortunately there is no medication to counter act that. He fell asleep around 5pm then woke up at 7:30pm and stayed awake until 1am. His sleeping patterns are really off when we're in the hospital. I get even less sleep because his i.v. fluids are increased at night when receiving the chemo, so he's up every 1-2hrs.

Wednesday was especially difficult, even though he slept in till 10am, he was even more irritable than the day before. He refused to eat any breakfast, which I think didn't help his mood. The least little thing would set him off and cause him to go into a rage. When I was opening a Kit-Kat and a piece of it broke off taking it out of the package, he screamed, threw it across the room and didn't want it anymore. It seemed like I could do nothing to appease him, he just kept saying he wanted to go home. We pretty much stayed in our room the whole day and I spent most of my time sitting with him in the chair or laying next to him on his bed. Another late afternoon nap, but he was a little happier when he woke up this time. I like to see him happier, but these 1am bedtimes are crazy.

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  1. Hi Vick,
    Looks like there's ups and downs with Joshua.
    You are both troopers. We keep you in our
    prayers. It's nice the kids could visit and enjoy
    the day. Maybe good will come of all this.