Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And Chemo begins... (day 2)

The doctors all stopped by this morning to check Joshua's progress, nobody was surprised he was still sleeping after his all night party. The pulmonary doctor had very encouraging news, he said there is a good chance that Joshua's surgery can be done laparoscopically. That's what we are all going to pray for right now, it would be a such blessing. He explained that 10 yrs ago this never would have been an option, but the advances in technology has made this a definite possibility. I didn't let Joshua sleep in too late this morning because I really wasn't looking forward to doing an all-nighter again, if I let him he would probably sleep past noon. When he woke up needing to use the bathroom at 9:30, I kept him up. His usual breakfast of pancakes and bacon was waiting for him. Every morning since we've been here he always wants pancakes, bacon and chocolate milk, of course, he wants me to feed him. His doesn't seem to have as much of an appetite this morning, but he ate some.

We're invited to a party. There's a little girl named Clara and today was her last day of chemotherapy. She's 3yrs old and had a eye tumor (retinal blastoma) and had to have her right eye removed. The first time Joshua and I met her and her mom in the play room was the day he wanted to bring his dart gun with him. Under the circumstances (I had sudden visions of horror as I imagined him shooting her in the other eye!) I convinced him that bringing the gun along wasn't such a good idea. Everyone sang to Clara, there were doughnuts and she got the hit the big gong. It was an exciting day for her and her family. Joshua will have a party when he's all finished.

Let the side effects begin...we went back to our room and Joshua was already complaining about his jaw aching and nausea, shortly thereafter, he starting throwing-up. My poor little guy. No sooner did we change his bedding and clothes and my clothes, he threw up again. We just mostly hung out in our room the rest of the day. After a while he wanted something to eat, so I fixed him some chicken noodle soup and he kept it down, then all he wanted was orange sherbet and his favorite Dibs ice cream bites. His doctor said it is common for kids undergoing chemo to crave salty, sweet or spicy foods. He went to bed at midnight, little earlier than 2am.

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  1. Picki Vicki,
    Thanks for the upate. I hope all goes well
    today. What an undertaking. I am hoping he
    tolerates the medications. I used to work
    in oncology back in the day. We had to suit
    up from head to toe and wear a mask. Yes, it
    is a bit disconcerting, but it is the protocol...
    you'll get used to the routine. I hope they can
    do his surgery laproscopically, that would be
    a much easier recovery. Gma had quite a process
    with her lung surgery the typical way...did they
    seem hopeful they could do it lpspy?
    Love you guys,