Saturday, May 29, 2010

Home again...

This morning a lady brought by a therapy dog. The breed was a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, which made for one large-sized, fluffy canine. Joshua was scared because the dog was more than twice his size and probably weighed three times as much. He wouldn't get off the bed, but Nikole convinced him to pet the dog. I don't understand why the therapy dogs are so big, the three that we've seen since coming to the hospital are all very big dogs, yet the trainers always say they are gentle breeds. Why is it we never see a therapy chihuahua?? Or even a pug??

We got to go home today, but we had to wait until late afternoon. Joshua is given several doses of a protective medication after the chemotherapy is completed. He tolerated this round of chemo better than the last. On the way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things. While we were strolling through the store Joshua spotted an interesting looking man who was covered in tattoos, his earlobes hung down to his shoulders with these disc objects pierced through them, his hair was done up into a wild looking mohawk and his apparel was not something that any mother would want her child wearing in public. Joshua is not the type a child that hesitates to voice his opinion, as we walked past this fellow Joshua pointed to him and exclaimed, "Hey mom! Look at that weird guy, he looks really weird!!" I responded to his comment by saying "uh, huh" and tried to hurry him past the man and change the subject. But that didn't satisfy Joshua, he stopped, still pointing and now patting my side, he almost shouted, "Ma-om, you're not looking! I told you to look at that weird guy over there." Of course I was now obligated to look at this man. "Look right there, see mom." Otherwise Joshua would continue on until I did. "See, I told you. Doesn't that guy look so weird?" I glanced and smiled and by the way the man smiled back at me I'm sure he was amused at Joshua's reaction to him.

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  1. Outa the mouth of babes!
    Hope all is going well...