Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This year Mother's Day took on a whole new meaning. The sacrifices that mom's make for their children can sure be intensified at times. I think the hardest part about being a mother is to have to watch your precious child in pain or go through a traumatic ordeal and feel powerless to help them. I'm sure we've all experienced this on various levels at one time or another.
My cousin Joyce came to the hospital to stay with Joshua to enable me to go home for a while, since Sunday was an easy day of just hanging out and playing. She brought the kids with her because they wanted to surprise me and bring a card and a few small gifts including a chocolate rose.
Upon arriving home I could see the dishes were disheveled in the cupboards, the laundry was piling up and the signs of not having mother home were apparent, but trivial things don't seem to matter right now. Staying away so long been difficult on everyone. Nikole really wanted me to go to church with them today to come hear the Primary singing special songs for their mothers. I wasn't sure if i could handle seeing everyone, as I'm sure the news about Joshua is just starting to spread, I'm still in shock myself. Our ward is really great and has been very supportive. I've pretty much been teary eyed the whole day and did cry when I tried to give an update in Releif Society. The Primary sang beautifully and it was nice to feel the love and warmth from so many.

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