Friday, May 14, 2010


With the first round of chemo completed during the night, Joshua was able to be disconnected from his i.v. this morning and very much enjoyed walking around without having a pole following him. Today was spent relaxing, the doctors observed him and we made all the necessary preparations to go home tomorrow. The chance to go home is something to look forward to, Saturday will be our 19th day we've been here. With the chemo I didn't notice too many side of the effects, he just had a few complaints about pain in his jaw again, but not so much that it prevented him from eating. He was happy, as well as I, that he didn't have to use the bathroom so frequently. After breakfast we had a bit of a scare. Joshua was sitting on my lap watching TV while I was talking with the hospital administrator and he suddenly had a nose bleed. It freaked him out because it bled a lot, it was like someone turned on a faucet. The administrator ran to get the nurses. It was hard to get Joshua to sit still, lean his head back and relax. It finally stopped bleeding, but not before my clothes, his bed and the floor were splattered with blood. The doctor was not sure if we should classify this as a side effect or if the cause was just the dry air. Either way it was still unsettling.
I was joking about needing a massage and the social worker arranged for a free half hour massage at the hospital. It felt so good, but I needed more like 2-3 hours.
Joshua will have to have Neupogen injections when we are home to help build his white blood cells. The medication was scheduled to be shipped directly to the house. I told Sam when it arrived it needed to be refrigerated. Sam called me in a panic and told me the box was delivered, but it was too big to fit in the fridge and asked what he should do. I then couldn't believe I had to ask him, "Did you open the box??"

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