Monday, May 10, 2010


Monday morning was spent anticipating the consultation with the Doctor. After the usual breakfast of pancakes and bacon, we went to the play room and made sand art pictures. I helped Joshua with the first one to show him how to peel off the stickers one by one and then sprinkle on the colored sands until our giraffe was done. The second picture he decided to do all by himself. He carefully peeled off the first sticker and sprinkled on orange sand, then he carefully peeled off the next sticker and sprinkled more orange sand, he repeated this process with each subsequent sticker until he got to the last two, then he decided to switch to black sand and his picture was complete. It didn't quite resemble the rhinoceros that it was supposed to be, but that makes it all the more fun.

During the consultation Joshua was entertaining the nurses and the rest of the staff driving his remote control car up and down the halls, he got to pick it out from the toy closet on Saturday. There is a special toy closet here that kids can choose a new toy from when they have to endure a painful procedure, it's filled with all sorts of cool toys donated to the hospital. Joshua had to have his bandages from his surgery replaced, which consisted of peeling off the very large, very sticky tape on his chest - pain that was eased by choosing a remote control car. The doctors and nurses are quite taken by his personality and all think he's quite adorable.

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