Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home at last!

Yea! we got to go home today! Everything looks good so far. Joshua only has the injections everyday and one oral prescription Bactrim, that he will take every Fri, Sat and Sun while we are at home. The Bactrim is to prevent a type of pneumonia that cancer patients are susceptible to. I told Sam we'd be discharged around noon, so he got here at 8:30am and wondered why we're not ready to go yet. Hmm... Nikole stayed with me to get everything ready and Sam returned later with the boys to carry everything to the car.
Home shows the signs of mother being away - groceries depleted, laundry mountains, dishes set up in booby-traps in the cupboards, but it is so nice to be home. We went to the grocery store and I asked Joshua if he wanted me to buy him Dibs, the chocolate covered ice cream bites that he loved to get at the hospital cafeteria. Upon seeing them he shouted, "No! I hate Dibs!" I guess they were too much of a reminder. When we arrived home the home health nurse was there to show me how to administer the Neupogen. Joshua was not very happy about getting a shot.

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  1. your RS pres. They should be helping
    you out at home!