Sunday, May 9, 2010



This is Patty, I am Joshua's Aunt, I set up this blog for Vicki. This has been a very hard time for the Mataipule Family. A few years ago Sam (Joshua's dad) was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had to have a pacemaker/defibrillator put in. He still suffers from cardio myopathy and hasn't been able to work since, so, Vicki's been working to support the family. A few weeks before Joshua was diagnosed the company that Vicki had been working for was dissolved leaving them without work and owing the Mataipule's a large sum of money. Vicki was looking for another job when Joshua was diagnosed, but she has now been staying with him at the hospital every night instead. Needless to say they are struggling, at the moment, so I set up a link here so anyone who is able can donate money to help them out with their needs. It's thru paypal so it's very easy. Thanks everyone!

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  1. Patty, you can also do a fun raiser on it is a great way to raise funds quickly. I looked at what other parents need when at Childrens' Hospitals: Prepaid Gift Cards for local gas stations in the amount of $25 and Grocery stores in the amount of $25. Eventually they may need outing gift cards for things like movies or bowling also in those increments. Good job on the site. Some links you might want to share with the family: ; ; ; Just to name a few. I will keep looking. Keeping you all in my prayers. Robin