Friday, May 21, 2010

First week home

This week proved to be challenging. We had a doctor's appt on Tuesday and Joshua did not want to go, he refused to get dressed. I had to put him in the car and dress him after we arrived. They just pricked his finger for his blood test and he didn't even flinch. The technician let him see the machine that does the analysis and let him push the button, this was fascinating to him. I was instructed to begin his Neupogen shots in the evening. The biggest challenge is giving the shots. No one really likes to have shots, especially kids. So how would you like it if you are required to poke your child with a needle on a daily basis? The first shot was difficult, Joshua screamed and cried and went into a frenzy. When Joshua throws a tantrum he picks up whatever is near him and throws it at whoever is closest to him, so everyone scatters. When I tried to pick him up he told me he hated me, punched me in the back a tried to pull my hair. It took almost an hour for him to finally settle down. You can't reason with a hysterical child, I waited until he settled down before I talked to him or could comfort him. The following nights proved just as difficult. I was prescribed a cream to numb his skin, but the medicine still burns. After the injections, we all had to endure Joshua's rage. Thursday night I just held him and went outside, with him punching my back, until he calmed down. Daytime we had fun watching movies, going shopping and to the park with all the kids.
After his Dr appt on Friday, I took Joshua to Target, a friend had given us a gift card. I let Joshua pick out a special toy for being brave and getting his shots all week. He is a very discerning shopper, he examined all of the toys carefully. After some time he finally settled on a Batman in a transforming vehicle that shot lasers. Too cool! Hoping this helped, shot time in the evening seemed a little less traumatic.

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