Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday dinner

I took Joshua to church today, everyone was surprised to see him and wanted to know how he was doing. He acted very shy around people at first and wouldn't go to primary by himself, he wanted me to stay with him so he could sit on my lap. All the kids kept turning back and looking at him, it made him a little uneasy, but he loosened up and participated in the sharing time activity. After church Joshua announced he was hungry and wanted to go to Home Town Buffet for dinner. For the sake of everyone's waistlines, I try not to make going to buffets a very regular occurrence, so it's been a while since we've been there, if were up to the kids they'd eat there everyday. Being that our ward ended at 5pm, everyone was good and hungry. Since Joshua just recently lost his hair I guess it's more noticeable to me the look in people's eyes and the frequent glances as we walk by. Young kids tend to just stand and gaze wide-eyed, then you hear their parents whispering quickly at them not to stare. It doesn't necessarily bother me, it's just a little odd to go from blending in as one of the crowd to suddenly being noticed. Joshua didn't seem to notice the glances and stares, he was only interested in all the food. I think if he was older he might feel uncomfortable and want to wear a hat everywhere we go or even stay home and not want to go out, but he's comfortable with himself and I'm glad of that.

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  1. My kids don't know how to handle themselves at a buffet. We went the world famous Chuck-A-Rama (which we now refer to as up-Chuck-A-Rama) about 6 months ago for the adventure of it. Emma and Zeke show up with their first plates full of "food" before I even had a chance to sit down. They filled their plates full of mashed potatoes, french fries, and other fried and/or starchy empty calories. At home we have a salad first rule so I guess this meant freedom to them. After about 10 min in, Emma puked on our table. We hadn't been to a buffet for a couple of years and I started thinking, Emma always pukes at buffets, even those "healthier" Soup and Salad versions. Somehow her stomach remembered what to do just fine. She just sat there, miserable the rest of our visit and everyone else was quite sick from their food too.