Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Notable New side effect

Today was one of the roughest days. Joshua fell asleep at 5pm last night, woke up at 11pm and finally went back to sleep at 2am. Every night because of his i.v. fluids he wakes up constantly to go to the bathroom and I know it really affects his sleep schedule while we're in the hospital, my sleep schedule is pretty much non-existent. I thought just maybe he'd be happy today because he slept-in until 11:30am, but no such luck. I couldn't even gently persuade him to eat any breakfast, which made him even more crabby. Joseph and Nikole came over at noon, but even their presence didn't seem to help as much as I'd hoped, Alex had summer school. This afternoon Joshua was flailing and thrashing around and I attempted to pick him up to calm him. Unfortunately his i.v. cords got caught under the corner edge of the bed and his needle yanked out of his port and he started screaming. The nurse was very displeased because the chemo meds can burn right through a person's skin. Joshua had to have a new i.v. placed in his port, which, including pulling off all the tape, wasn't very enjoyable. Luckily his skin was fine, but this only increased his orneriness. The nurse brought in pictures to share with us of kids with big burns from chemo. Not the kind of thing I was thrilled to see, it's very terrifying to know this stuff is going through your child's veins. I just have to remember that what the cancer could do would be worse. Joshua was more livid than ever he kept saying, "Mom pulled out my needle, not me!!" He was sitting on my lap and suddenly my leg had a warm and wet sensation, I asked him if he just peed on me and he said, "No, it's only water that somebody spilled." I undressed him to change his clothes, then he refused to get dressed. He only sat in the chair with a pillow on his lap, brooding and glowering at everyone. The doctor came in to see him and had to chuckle, he said this is the first time he's seen "streaking" as a side effect of chemo and said that this is definitely one for the medical journals.

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