Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keep Busy Days

I got smart and put the diaper on Joshua Tuesday and Wednesday night after he went to sleep and removed it early in the morning before he was fully conscious and realized he was wearing one. It worked! Wednesday was a better day and he was in a fairly good mood because I made the mistake of looking up online (makers of Power Rangers). So we got to watch the all access 24hr Power Ranger channel for the last 2 days. Joshua discovered there are more parts that can go with his Megazord and he is now consumed with wanting the "red car." In the afternoon too many doctors, nurses and therapists descended on Joshua's room at the same time and he had a sudden attack of sensory overload, becoming frazzled he started screaming. The Physical Therapists are concerned with him getting out of his room and getting more exercise. Nikole and Alex came in the evening and we all went down to the cafeteria for dinner. A change of scenery did Joshua some good and he actually ate his dinner. Thursday was a busy day filled with lots of activities. David from Child-Life stopped by after breakfast with two really cool remote control cars, he and Joshua had a blast driving all around the hospital. At lunchtime Debra, a friend from church, came by to take me for lunch in the cafeteria. Right about then Alex and Nikole showed up and all of us ventured down to the cafeteria together. Joshua was happy and his mood was perky, that's always good, so we were able to have a nice lunch together. When we returned to our room, the PT's had dropped off a peddle-car for Joshua, he could hardly contain his excitement and wanted to zoom down the halls. It was a challenge for the person pushing the i.v. pole (me) to keep up! Being that it was Thursday, the school teacher was ready to take Joshua down to the schoolroom and he was geared up and ready to drive down. Too distracted by the peddle-car, Joshua didn't seem to notice whether I was with him or not, so I opted to stay behind and let him go by himself with the teacher. Miss Craig was very impressed with how bright he is and she had a lot of fun with him.

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