Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chemo - Round 3

Check-in time again yesterday on Monday, the hospital is quickly becoming our 2nd home. We went to our appointment at the clinic and Dr Jeff surprised Joshua with a Spiderman Transformer. Joshua was so excited and is finally warming up to the doctor and will actually talk to him now. I guess if flattery doesn't work, bribery is always the next best thing! This round he gets the continuous chemo in his i.v., so he's not allowed to leave the floor, but at least it's a shorter week - 4 days instead of 6. These three particular medicines he's receiving seems to make him especially grouchy, cranky, disagreeable, grumpy, irritable, touchy - take your pick. One minute he's happy as a clam or a bug in a rug, then the next minute a tornado strikes and he's blowing his top. The least little thing can set him off and the worst part is you never know what it will be because it changes from day-to-day and hour-to-hour. Today he wouldn't even leave the room, nothing seemed to please him. I thought it might help if I let him blissfully slumber a little later this morning, but it didn't seem to make a difference. The Child-Life specialist, David, came by to invite him to to do a craft in the playroom and he absolutely would not budge, no amount of persuasion could convince him. When we're in-patient, I spend a great deal of my time just sitting with him on my lap while he watches TV, plays a game or hugs my neck. Our nurse today was Chris, when he came in Joshua kept giving him dirty looks and glaring at him. He wouldn't wouldn't answer any questions or speak a word to him. One thing you should know about Joshua is that he has a memory like an elephant, especially if you made him mad and got on his bad side. When Chris finally asked Joshua why he wouldn't talk to him, Joshua said, "I'm not talkin' to you cuz I'm mad at you cuz you frowed sumting at me!!" The funny thing is this particular incident Joshua is referring to transpired over a month ago when Chris was our nurse the very first time. Joshua was ignoring him while he was trying to talk to him, so Chris tried to get his attention by tossing a small cap at him, needless to say Joshua turned from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde and it took me quite a while to calm him down again. Chris felt really bad and has apologised several times since, but apparently Joshua is still harboring a grudge and hasn't let it go.

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