Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home again

Done once again and we get to go home. The minute Joshua got up, he was very anxious and ready to hit the road. I had to tell him that as soon as his lunch tray arrived then we could leave, that way I could give him a perspective on time, otherwise he would be climbing the walls. Joshua and I like to people-watch out the window, since we're up so high we get a great panorama of the valley. Sometimes we see exciting things like firetrucks or ambulances and depending on which side our room is on, we can often spot our own car when it arrives with, as Joshua refers to them, "the kids," and he gets quite tickled. Today the view was even more exhilarating, we caught sight of an emergency helicopter coming in for a landing, Joshua kept his gaze fixed until it took off again. Then the nurse practitioners, Allison and Nicholette, came in to give Joshua his final exam and give us the green light to go. He sat patiently as they listened to his heart and checked him over, but when Allison pressed harder than he liked on his stomach, he yelled out and I could see fire ignite in his eyes. When Allison was ready to check inside his mouth for any developing sores, he refused to open. "No!" he shouted and jumped into my lap. She tried to play with him asking if she could have a lick of his ring-pop he had on his finger, suddenly he threw it, shattering it into a million pieces all over the floor. Now they were both asking him nicely to open his mouth and he buried his face into my chest screaming, "NO! NO! I won't! I won't!" It's possible he just reached his limit on the amount of prodding and poking he could take because I couldn't even persuade him to open his mouth. You would think something so simple shouldn't be so traumatic, but I guess in Joshua's world where he has so little control over the things happening to him, he can still be the boss of whether or not he will open his mouth. Nicholette picked him up off my lap and he screamed out just as loud as he could, opening his mouth of course, so Allison was able to see inside. When Joshua realized what had happened, he was infuriated that the battle was over and he had been defeated. I had to let him sit by himself for a while until he cooled down. Then we finally got to go home.

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