Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27 2010 - The day that changed our lives forever.

This date will not soon be forgotten. It is the exact day our lives were turned upside down. I feel like we have all been strapped to a roller coaster and sent on a ride that we can't get off. This is a ride that no one ever wants to take.
Joshua is my spunky 4 1/2 yr old, the youngest of four. I still consider him my baby - and always will! Even though his two older brothers are 11 and 12, he can hold his own and will not hesitate to bop one of them in the nose if they make him mad. Sweet natured, feisty and full of life.

Tuesday morning, I took him to his appointment with the Pediatrician for his regular check-up and informed the Doc that I was becoming concerned about a lingering cough he had. He wasn't exhibiting any other cold or flu symptoms or even a fever, but I did notice that his coughing was becoming more frequent and his appetite seemed to have decreased. Sometimes he would get upset to the point where it would trigger a cough attack causing him to throw up. He coughed a few times for the doctor, his usual dry, barking cough, and I told him I was worried there was something physically wrong going on with Joshua. The Doc wasn't overly concerned, I'm sure he's seen enough mom's with hypochondriac tendencies, but, in his infinite wisdom, decided to send Josh for a chest x-ray. Still sore from the immunizations I postponed going to the lab for the blood draw and went strait to the imaging center. A few hours later came the call that no mother wants to hear, they've discovered a growth in Joshua's right lung. I was instructed to retrieve his x-rays right away and head strait for the hospital. Thoughts of terror go through my mind because this is way more than a simple chronic cough.

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